iTools 4 English

Itools four english model was launched on give up of 2017 as the handiest iphone, ipad and ipod manager. The itools four english model is available for windows and mac operating systems as a loose down load. Itools  is called the best opportunity for itunes and it very handy with coping with iphones.

The itools 4 is like minded with modern-day ios model, the ios 11 and the trendy iphone model, the iphone x. Coping with iphone, ipad and ipod contact with the itools is fending off the negative aspects of iTunes.

What disadvantages of iTunes you can avoid with the iTools

The itools four english model offers extra comfortable equipment that are able to generate greater comfy consumer enjoy while managing idevices. Whilst we comparing the itools four with the itunes, the itools 4 english version is faster than the itunes. It’s miles jogging and shifting information as quick as possible via windows or macintosh laptop.

The special element we want to speak about is, the itools four is a light-weight software and it doesn’t eat a number of energy to run just like the itunes. The itunes desires big room to your home windows or mac computer to run even for easy photo sharing.

Also, the itunes need extra storage area to keep its installation file and folders. However the itools english model most effective desires round 25-30 mb of storage space to preserve its record and folders.

What are the things that itunes hold more than itools english model?

Actually, there may be nothing more than in itunes for transferring iphone facts like itools. What i need to talk about is, apple makes use of their advertising marketing campaign through the itunes. They are promoting track, movie, apps and etc. Via the apple itunes, but itools doesn’t do anything than coping with iphone, ipad and ipod contact.

The itools have handiest one motive, to control and transfer records through home windows and mac PC.

What are you able to switch to the itools four English?

The itools version is able to proportion all sort of media file you are using on iphone, ipad and ipod touches including photographs, movies, motion pictures, photos, audio files, pdf files, slideshows, podcasts, and and so on. You can share your camera roll photographs right now with itools 4 photograph tool

And additionally the itools video sharing equipment are able to share your iphone, ipad and ipod records video document as a bulk in your computer and also you can copy any kind of video record out of your windows or mac pc for your device.

Itools 4 English version functions

Record explorer – report explorer is helped to navigate thru iphone, ipad, and ipod touch files and folders to select, edit, delete, replica, paste and pass idevice statistics.

  • Photograph switch tool – transfer all kind of pictures.
  • Icon manager – set up your display screen icons and use your idevice easy and tiny.
  • Battery master – battery master is proven all info that need to get a super concept about the battery.
  • Ringtone maker – the ringtone maker permits you to create your very own ringtone in your iphone.
  • Actual-time screenshots – you can get real-time screenshots with the laptop.
  • Backup and repair data – backup and restore facts the use of itools 4 english backup and repair tool

Itools like minded ios versions and compatible gadgets

Iphone 3g, iphone 3gs and all iphone se, iphone 4, iphone five , iphone 6 , iphone 7 , iphone eight , iphone x , iphone 11 and iphone 12 fashions

  • iPad 1st gen to iPad 8th gen
  • iPad mini 1st to iPad mini 5th
  • iPad Air 1st to iPad Air 4th
  • iPad Pro 1st to iPad Pro 5th

All iPod touch version

System Requirement

CPU 750MHz (Intel or AMD CPU)

Minimum RAM 256 MB

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