Download Primo for PC Windows 10 and macOS

You can now download the Primo App on a computer. To download Primo for PC, you would need an Android emulator. The Primo for PC works smoothly on Windows 10 and macOS-powered computers. You will find the detailed tutorial to get Primo for PC here in this post. Before you download it, let me tell you what this application is all about.

Primo for PC


The Primo app fills a great gap in the digital industry. This application brings people from different professions together on an online platform. So far, you could find the teachers online, you could find online trainers, shop online, find a taxi online, and whatnot. But the only thing that was missing so far was a platform to bring the house-maintenance professionals together.

Primo for PC

With Primo, you can find an electrician, a plumber, a painter, a carpenter, and a dozen other professionals online. Got a fused bulb in your kitchen? Well, the electrician is now a call away. Pick up your phone or turn on your laptop and call one using Primo app.

Usually, it’s very difficult to find an electrician or a plumber in your area. Especially when you are living in a posh area or even in a remote area, it will be difficult to find people who play a key role in the maintenance of a house or your workplace. In such cases, applications like Primo are going to be helpful. The application maintains a database of professionals from a particular area. This application is already being used by thousands across the world.

Primo for PC

It’s a great platform for both the people who want to get something done and the people who are looking forward to doing a job. Especially now when the world has almost shut down, you cannot risk going out and checking out shops to find something for a basic task. The best thing would be to call someone at your home ensuring that all security measures are intact.

When you sign up on Primo, it takes your location. The application uses Google Maps to bring people together. It then pulls a list of all the people who have uploaded their profile on Primo. The app allocates a certain rating to all the professionals. Rating makes it more easy to choose your desired person for a task. Once the job is done, you can leave a feedback for that professional in the Primo application.

Primo for PC

Originally, this app was built for smartphone users. There’s no harm in using this app on your computer. In fact, using it on your computer will let you operate it with much more ease as the screen will be 10 times bigger than that of a phone. You can run Primo for PC on your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or macOS-powered PC or Laptop. Take a look at the requirements below and then the steps to download Primo for PC.

Requirements to download Primo for PC

  • Desktop PC or Laptop with Windows or macOS.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Google Account – If you don’t already possess one, you can create one for free.
  • Android Emulator i.e. NoxPlayer or BlueStacks. Install the Emulator and set it up using your Google Account.
  • The rest of the tutorial.

Download Primo for PC

  1. Open the Emulator that you just installed.
  2. Now open the Play Store inside that Emulator.
  3. In the Play Store, find the Primo app using the Search bar.
  4. As you find the app, install it.
  5. Open Primo and sign up for free.
  6. Give Primo your location and start finding the right person for the right job.


That is pretty much all with the installation of Primo for PC. If you run into any problems while installing Primo or setting up those Android emulators, make sure to contact us by using the comment section below. We will definitely try our best to help you out.

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