Download FileLinked for PC and Laptop

Looking for a way to download FileLinked for PC? Well, you can do so by following this guide. Find the steps to download FileLinked for PC. You can install FileLinked for PC on Windows 10 and macOS. This will work or both Desktop PCs and Laptops.

FileLinked for PC
Running FileLinked for PC via BlueStacks 4.1


FileLinked is a very famous bulk downloader built for smartphones and Fire TV. The app takes a very different approach when it comes to downloading the files. It uses specific codes to pull down the files from a specific URL. The working of FileLink needs to be explained before you confuse yourself with its functionality.

When you open the FileLinked application, it shows you a UI asking for a code. You have to enter the download code of an application and click on the Download button. After that, the FileLinked app fetches that specific file or application from the code and gives you the option to download it on your device. Now the question is, where does that code come from? Well, let me tell you that.

You can sign up for FileLink using their web interface. There is an option to generate codes on their web portal. Users can add the file title, description, their logo if required, and then drop the download URL of files in the form and generate a code. FileLinked then automatically detects the download-able file and attaches it with your generated code. You can give this code to anyone in order to easily download that file.

FileLinked for PC
Generating Code
Code Generated

If you are wondering what’s the practical use of this download mechanism, let me tell you that too. Let’s say that you are using your computer and you come across a number of files that you need on your phone, but you cannot download on the PC and copy, the only way to download is on a phone. You can open the web portal of FileLinked, generate codes against all the files, or add all the files against one code, and then use that code on the phone to bulk-download the files. That is how it will ease your life. This is indeed a great utility and an internet user like me will find it better than any ordinary downloader.

Downloading an APK using FileLinked on Windows 10

Now FileLinked is undoubtedly a great utility for smartphones, but it’s as good for the computers too, which is why I decided to share this method with everyone to run FileLinked on a computer. I am going to show you how to install and use FileLinked on Windows 10 or macOS now.

FileLinked is also known as DroidAdmin, so if you are looking for DroidAdmin for PC and you landed here instead, you landed at the right place. Whether you want DroidAdmin for PC or FileLinked for PC, you will be able to get that from this page.


  • BlueStacks Android Emulator – Download and install it.
  • FileLinked APK – Download
  • FileLinked File Code – Find codes for some files below, you can also create your own code.
  • Windows 10/8/7 or macOS-powered computer
  • This tutorial.

Download FileLinked for PC | DroidAdmin for PC

  1. Open the BlueStacks Emulator on the PC.
  2. Log in to the BlueStacks using your existing or new Google Account.
  3. Now drag the FileLinked APK and drop it into the BlueStacks to install it.
  4. Alternatively, click on the dotted-menu button on the top-left side of BlueStacks, click on Install APK > select the FileLinked APK and install it.
  5. Now launch FileLinked inside BlueStacks.
  6. Add the code of the file or set of files that you want to download via FileLinked.
  7. Click on Continue and download the files, that’s all.
FileLinked for PC
Main screen of File:Linked/DroidAdmin

FileLinked Download Codes for some apps:

  • Hulu: 34356873
  • VPN: 92485668
  • YouTube TV: 18439602
  • ONEBOXHD: 52892976
  • COTO Movies: 44097881
  • BeeTV: 95163965
  • Sky Sports: 70549896
  • NOVA TV: 32791366
  • Mouse Toggle: 14329140
  • ABC News: 98763165
  • CBS Sports: 23646800
  • FOX News: 57465539
  • NBC News: 26335787
  • Twitch: 19326781
  • Clean Master for FireStick: 31790161
  • Puffin TV: 35388245
  • Tea TV: 25101014
  • Kodi 18.4: 15869581
  • MOBDRO: 61965616
  • Cyberflix TV: 33082191
  • BOBBY Movie: 22359531
  • Exodus Live TV: 35564879
  • WWE: 60664290
  • Turbo VPN: 74583185
  • BEEMOVIE: 97127851
  • Cinema HD: 23935228
  • Live NETTV: 36219647
  • APPFLIX: 43824426
  • YouTube for Android TV: 65329312
  • 4K Nature Wallpapers: 28167876
  • 4K Animal WallpaperS: 87672103
  • 4K Cars Wallpapers: 22235327
  • Morpheus TV: 78453870 | 76115743
  • KP APKs, STREAMING: 80454071
  • SELF/LESS Youtuber Optimum Bliss: 13131313
  • JO CAN, Largest List of APKs: 17779393
  • LISA CRAWFORD: 69302536
  • IPTV, GOOD CODE: 23119623


After bulk-downloading files on your computer, you can move them from BlueStacks to your Windows or mac’s local storage by using the import/export feature of the emulator. This should be good enough to enjoy the FileLinked on your computer. If you have any questions related to this application or the Emulator, feel free to use the comment box below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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